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What is the best lip balm ?

The best lip balm is different for everyone because it depends on your needs and tastes. However, Trew cosmetic gives its advices to choose the best lip balm !

What is the best moisturizing lip balm ?

  • The best moisturizing lip balm is composed of natural ingedients in order to not attack and dry out your skin with chemical active ingredients. Thus, the preferred composition is glycerin, which moisturizes, nourishes and repairs your damaged lips. Natural glycerin is the perfect ingredient for your natural and effective lip balm needs. For more informations on glycerin, click here.
  • The best moisturizing lip balm should be rich in oils and glycerin and should work both at night and during the day. Therefore, it is important to establish a routine to keep your lips moisturized and soft all day long. It is essential to use a day lip balm combined with a natural and non-aggressive night balm. The Yuka or Inci Beauty score are good indicators that detects aggressive and skin-damaging compositions. If you have any doubts about a product, you just have to search for it on these platforms !
  • We offer you a wide range of natural day and night lip balms that are 100% effective and 100% Made in France. The composition of our products is verified and validated by Yuka and Inci Beauty 🌿.

Are you looking for the best anti-aging balm ?

  • The best lip balm should be able to help heal but also treat your complexes. To select an effective lip balm, you only need to look at its composition. Which ingredients help to treat the signs of aging ? Are they agressive ?
  • In the Trew cosmetic lip balms, you can find vegetable polyglycerides and vegetable oils that contribute to the strengthening of the lips and prevent signs of ageing thanks to their anti-ageing properties.

Are you looking for color or light make-up ?

  • The best natural lip balm should combine glamour and elegance. Opt for a tinted lip balm that makes up your lips while providing care. For a plumping and glossy effect, select a tinted and pearly lip balm. Here, you will find our wide range of tinted lip balms with a pearly effect and 100% natural.
  • The best colored lip balm should adopt your lifestyle. It must be easily transportable and usable. But most importantly, you must be able to choose the color you want. Whether it’s red, pink or purple, with Trew cosmetic you can chop and can change colours like shirts !

In conclusion, what is the best lip balm ? It's a balm that must meet all these criteria, but above all it must please you ! It's Trew !