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Why opt for our Raspberry lip balm ?

The application of a lip balm is one of the beauty routines that should not be overlooked. It can be done day or night to nourish your lips well, especially if they are dry or chapped. To help you in this direction, we offer you a natural lip balm with raspberry flavor.

Why and how to use our raspberry lip balm ?

You can opt for our raspberry lip balm delicately colored and slightly pearly to soften the skin of your lips. Beneficial and repairing, it strengthens the lipid film of the labial epidermis, while allowing natural and discreet make-up.
Know that our lip balms are composed of 100% natural elements. We do not use any artificial ingredients or chemical components. Therefore, you can be sure to use a lip gloss that is free of silicones, phenoxyethanol, titanium dioxide, and endocrine disruptors. On the other hand, you will find the ingredients like :

- virgin olive oil ;

- vegetable polyglycerides ;

- castor oil ;

- vegetable glycerin ;

- rapeseed oil.

You should know that the vegetable oils, present in our products, preserve the skin of your lips. They make it possible to obtain beautiful pulpy and shiny lips. In addition, our lip balm can be applied to other parts of the body thanks to its 100% natural formula : face, hands, etc.

When to wear lip balm ?

There are no precise indications on when to apply this raspberry lip balm. You can use it, regardless of the season, in winter as well as in summer. In other words, it can be used every day to protect your lips exposed to various attacks : air conditioning, wind, pollution. In addition, it softens your lips and helps preserve their smooth, luscious and silky appearance.

Concerning its use during the winter, a lip balm helps protect them against the cold, and avoid to have cracked lips. Indeed, this product moisturizes your dry lips when properly applied. In addition, applying a lip balm protects your lips from the effects of the sun's rays in summer.

Anyone can use our lip balm, men or women, elderly, young or less young. You just have to choose the right product according to the condition of the lips : dry or chapped. To choose a product, you can contact our sales representative for advice.

Tips for applying your lip balm properly

For an aesthetic and uniform result, you must apply your lip balm correctly whether you use an applicator or your fingers. If you decide to use an applicator, the first step for a good application is to open the container of your balm and prepare a small dose. Then you can gently apply it on your lips. Finally, you must bring your lips into your mouth while spreading the product around the edge of your mouth. This allows for a perfect rendering.

If you prefer to use your fingers to apply lip balm, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly before you begin. This step is not to be neglected to prevent pathogens or germs from entering the skin of your lips. Then take a small amount of the

with your index finger. The next step is to apply the product to the center of your lower lip. Finally, just spread it towards the two corners of your mouth to have shiny lips. If you want to put on lipstick afterwards, it is advisable to wait a few minutes for the balm to settle perfectly.