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Why lip balms ?

Our first products are natural and vegan Raspberry Lip Balm. In this article, we explain how they are innovative and the reason for this choice. 

An essential

For me, Ludovic, who always has damaged lips, both in winter and summer, it's a product that I always have on me, I can't go out without it. You know those unpleasant little dead skin cells and that feeling of tightness... It's my daily life. 

Market supply

Having tried a lot of lip products, I was in a dilemma :

  • A balm full of petrochemicals. Certainly effective but environmental level it is really not ideal. And when we know that we are going to apply the product regularly to our lips and end up swallowing a certain amount, we are not necessarily reassured.


  •  A natural balm but composed of a mixture of 2/3 oils and a butter which in terms of effectiveness was not really satisfactory. Sometimes I felt like I was applying water. 

Another observation, the majority of balms contained beeswax. At Trew, we do not wish to use any materials of animal origin.

So as good scientists, we saw it as a challenge : to develop an effective, natural and vegan lip balm.

The skin of the lips, a particular composition

The skin of the lips, more precisely called "vermilion", is a mucous membrane. Mucous membranes are thinner structures than the "normal" skin that covers the majority of our body. This finesse also explains the pink appearance of the lips, the blood circulation is more visible there. They are therefore more sensitive, especially to the cold, which damages them and causes dehydration.

If mineral oils are used so much, it is because they act as an occlusive shield that compensates for their extreme fineness.

We set out to find ingredients capable of acting as a natural protection, but also of acting within the lips to prevent dehydration.

A balm in paste form ?

Of course we thought of a stick, but in winter, who hasn't been confronted with a very hard stick when applying ? It's not really pleasant. We wanted our product to remain easy to apply in sufficient quantity on the lips even when it's -5° outside.

What about small glass jars ? 

For a product to always have with you, it's a bit bulky and fragile. And above all, it's good at home when your hands are clean, but applying it to your finger when you get out of the metro is not optimal in terms of hygiene.

We have not one but three solutions !

After hundreds of tests, we are very proud to offer a product with a composition 100% of natural origin and without material of animal origin, truly moisturizing and whose naturalness is not the only reason for be.

We decided to offer it in a daytime format that we can take everywhere, with a light texture and an applicator. Our day balm is available in 4 natural flavors : even if it means applying it several times a day to the lips, as long as it is pleasant. 

Another format, the night one, for application as a mask before going to bed. It will satisfy those who, like me, have very sensitive and regularly very damaged lips. The texture is thicker and the product is even richer. It's ideal for starting the day with well-nourished and comfortable lips

And finally, a pearly balm, which will lightly tint your lips in pink/red to hydrate and bring a little sexy touch!

So why make an anti-aging, plumping balm ?

If you're like me, you're going to apply balm very regularly, so you might as well take advantage of it to give it additional benefits with prolonged application.

What is the composition ?

We invite you to visit the product pages of each balm. You can find the detailed list of ingredients and the role of each, but we can already tell you that it contains a large quantity of olive oil from Provence, a vegetable lanolin, candelilla wax as well as glycerin. Simple but effective.

Recycled and recyclable packaging

To limit our impact as much as possible, we have opted for tubes made of recycled and recyclable material. It is the solution today that has the lowest carbon footprint.

Not all towns in France are yet in a position to recycle all of their waste, but things are being put in place very quickly. We suggest you refer to the website

And please don't throw your tubes away.