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Where to buy vegan hand cream ?

Do you want to rehydrate your hands after a long day at work ? Do you have dry, sensitive or irritating hands ? Vegan hand creams are the solution to your worries. They are suitable for most skin types. You can easily find them on our site if you want to try and know their benefits.

What do we offer ?

We are specialised in the marketing of skin care products. Among other things, we offer a wide choice of hand creams. We have it whether you're looking for a vegan hand cream for night or day. You can use them to hydrate yourself daily without fear of side effects. Our products are made with natural and vegan ingredients. Therefore, they are healthy for the skin. Moreover, our hand creams are fragrance-free.

You can use one of our hazelnut or almond scented creams even if you have dry skin. Our products are also suitable for use on hands that are very dry or damaged by the cold and washing.

For information, our hand creams are designed to benefit your skin. Each element is of 100% natural origin and has been chosen for a specific cosmetic interest. For example, we use Lot-et-Garonne hazelnut oil in some of our products. This ingredient deeply nourishes the hands while naturally perfuming them. The natural extract of Eure-et-Loir thistle that we use also protects the skin against all forms of aggression.

Why use a vegan hand cream ?

It is important to take care of your hands. These parts of the body are the ones that are used the most during a day. As a result, they are exposed to various risks related to bacteria and microbes. The most common problems with hands are dryness, tightness and irritation. In order to avoid these inconveniences, we advise you to regularly use hand creams. Specifically, we recommend the use of vegan hand cream.

Using this product is great for the skin for many reasons. A vegan hand cream does not contain any chemical or toxic component. It respects the environment and is not tested on animals. About its effects on the hands, it softens them by restoring the lipid protection of the skin. It also regulates the concentration of sebum and pH. In addition, this vegan product deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hand.

How to use a hand cream ?

Our hand creams can be used for a daily skincare routine, from morning to night. Indeed, our products can be applied without moderation. You can use them as soon as you feel discomfort on the skin of the hands. These sensations can appear after using a soap.

Regarding its application, we advise you to use a dab of cream each time. It should be placed in the palm of the hand. Then, you have to heat the product between your hands while massaging them. The cream will spread all over the hands : between the fingers, on the flat of the hand, in the nails and the cuticles. The movement should stop only when the hands are dry. This means that the cream is completely absorbed into the skin. Now, it can act in depth to care for and protect the skin of the hands. Do not hesitate to ask for help during the first use if in doubt about the application.