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Our values

Combining transparency
and efficiency,
it’s Trew!

We like to define ourselves as artisans of cosmetics.

We manufacture our own products and want to bring more transparency to the beauty industry. In this relatively opaque sector, we want to allow our users to know and understand what they are applying to their skin. This is why we offer transparent, simple and effective compositions, focusing only on the essentials. We thus respect both our skin and our planet with our natural and vegan cosmetic products.

Our brand is committed,
it’s Trew!

To respect our health and that of the planet, we are very demanding with the ingredients
in the composition of our skincare products. We choose 100% natural ingredients that are sustainable and easily biodegradable.

We exclude any controversial ingredients that may, according to the latest scientific data, pose even a minimal risk to health and the environment:

No mineral oil, titanium dioxide, phenoxyethanol, silicone, BHA, BHT, or any other endocrine disruptor,
the list goes on... We are constantly on the lookout for the latest scientific studies on on the safety of cosmetic ingredients. To support us in this process, applications such as “YUKA”, “INCI Beauty” or even “UFC Que Choisir” are of great help to us.

And because nature is well made and the plant world offers us infinite richness, we have decided to do without
all materials of animal origin. We are also committed tonever testing on animals.
Reducing our ecological footprint is also a priority, as is promoting French know-how.
Thus, all our products are made from A to Z in our workshop in Brittany. Made in Breizh, it's Trew!
We favor as much as possible ingredients of French origin and use, to a lesser extent, those of more distant origin when their interest is justified, that they do not are not available in France and that we can ensure that their cultivation comes from responsible production, respectful of people and the planet.

Finally, all our packaging is fully recyclable and comes from recycling to minimize our ecological footprint.

Our products are effective,
it’s Trew!

Offering clean products is one thing, but making sure these products keep their promise is another!
All our productsare tested by an independent French laboratory.
But there is also essential for us that they win the support of our crew! Thus, before being put on the market, all our products are subject to use tests by Trew users. All the results of these tests are available on our product pages. We are delighted to involve you in the development of our products and to invite you in our process of developing responsible and effective skincare products.

By the way, we put you in the confidence, if we chose Trew as a brand name, contraction of “true”, truth and “crew”, team, it is also to reflect our desire to involve our users in our approach.
For Trew, your opinion matters, so don't hesitate to follow us: #trewcosmetic!

100% natural 100% pleasure,
it's Trew!

Who said natural was always bland and boring? We have always believed that cosmetics should rhyme with pleasure
This is why we are committed to offering each of our products a unique user experience: natural scents varied, colors, textures, packaging with graphic design, practicality, let yourself be taken on board in a naturally colorful universe!

It's always possible to do better,
it's Trew!

We are aware that there is still a lot to do and that we can always do better.
This is why we are committed to constantly improving ourselves by maintaining our open-mindedness and our critical spirit.
We are convinced that preserving the environment requires innovation.
We therefore wish, at our level and through our actions, to succeed in positively impacting our world.

The community dimension that we wanted to install around our brand is important.
For us, every little gesture counts, and every person who participates in our project, even with a simple opinion, a little advice, helps us to move forward, to optimize our continuous improvement approach and therefore our positive impact. Thank you!