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The Ugly Trews ♻️

The Trew Crew has just launched a brand new product : The Trew Moches. As a logical extension of our ecologic approach, discover now our Trew Moches.

What are Trew Ugly ?

The Trew Moches are our products that have a packaging defect due to a production error. The Trew Crew has decided to put them on sale on the siteweb with a discount. And the good news is that they are up to 40% cheaper. Of course they are still as effective as the other products, there is no impact on the quality. However, they are not in large quantities, so don't be surprised if some products are out of stock. Yes, most of the time our productions are successful, FORTUNATELY !

Where did we get the idea ?

At Trew we have always been environmentally responsible, and we attach great importance to, for example, to choose the most sustainable and environmentally friendly container solutions and to favour waste recovery and reuse. That is why we realised that it was inconsistent to throw away some products just because of a packaging defect when they are just as effective as the others.

This is where the idea of the Trew Moches came from ! We offer you the possibilty to buy our products with defective but equally effective packaging at an attractive price.

At Trew, we want to contribute to the consumer society through our products. We are aware this it is not an easy task, but we would like it to be a more reasonable, more respectful and fair consumption. Thit is why small initiatives like the TREW MOCHES can help to achieve this goal.

What are the defects that can be found on the Trew Moches ?

The defects that you can fin for most of the time on the Trew Moches are scratches, small spots, alignment problems.The products can also be dented.

Feedback from our suscribers on the Trew Moches :

"It’s a good idea because it reduces the wastes !!" 
"Too good, it’s essential not to waste, as long as the product remains as effective"

"It's great, anti-waste !

"It should be an evidence in the trade, Awesome"

Don't wait any longer and come and discover the Trew Moches !
Above all, don't forget, appearance is not everything !