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The first 100% natural and vegan BB Cream from Brittany 🌱️

After months of hard work, Trew is launching a brand new project, a 100% natural and vegan BB Cream. During 9 months, the Trew team designed the formula to be as good as possible. Now we need your help to make this BB cream happen ! Participate in our Ulule fundrising campaign. You can also pre-order your BB Cream now (several counterparts possible). We are now going to present our project to you in detail.

Why this project ?

Today, we are increasingly aware of the impact our consumption has on health and on the planet.
This why we decided to do natural, recyclable, biodegradable or local products.
Thanks to this awareness, things are going well in the world of skincare, yet when we visit the big parfumeries, it can be seen that make-up is late.
Of course, engaged brands in the make-up already exist but they still make too much compromises : not enough traceability on the ingredients and the products always contain a certain amount of synthetic ingredients.
At Trew and because we place science at the heart of our work, we want to offer make-up products without compromise with a 100% natural origin composition. We favor non-controversial ingredients of French origin.

Trew Cosmetic BB cream

All these commitments would be useless if the product was not as good as those currently offered in synthetic form.
This is why it was important to us to offer you a product that would beautify your complexion and sublimate your skin, while providing an ultra natural lightweight finish.
You are guaranteed to wear it all day long.
And since the care side is an essential part of the

, it will act in depth day after day to moisturize your skin, reduces blemishes, redness, limit shine and smoothes the skin texture thanks to the precious properties of our 5 Marine Breton Active Ingredients, developed in the strictest respect of the environment.
To make a sustainable product, a natural formula is not enough, all the aspects of the manufacture and the use of the product must be taken into account. For that, for example, we have developed a cold manufacturing method to reduce energy consumption and have chosen to use sustainable packaging solutions to limit waste. To be part of circular economy principle, our tubes are completely recyclable, and are made from recycled milk bottles.
Finally, if you're wondering how we can offer all this, it's because in the Trew team, we research, develop and produce our own products in an artisanal way, here in Brittany.
This allows us to be free to innovate and to offer truly unique formulas. Choosing Trew is also choosing authenticity and transparency.
So… we need you to launch the production and create the first breton eco-responsible BB cream and make the make-up more sustainable.

Thanks for your support!